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Excellent tool

I thought it might be a novelty, but rapidly found it to be a useful tool when trekking, or hiking through the woods,.

The Multifunctional Walking Stick - MK II

Trekking Pole Bottom
Herbert Jacobus

Needed one more

I love this product

I bought my 1st one since then I'v purchased 2 more this is a great walking stick but on steroids super solid Product was missing some parts in my 2nd shipment I emailed the company and they took care of it I was skeptical at 1st but they stand behind that product a little pricey but worth it


Fantastic instrument. Great for camping and fishing.


Tube was delivered promptly and very high quality

Super impressed

Trekking Pole Bottom
Nat Calvert

Trekking Pole Bottom

I want more

I want more stuff to go with it. Bugout, survival, and fishing. Love it so for.

Trekking Pole Bottom
Alessandro Laudisio
Great tool

Love this trekking pole! It’s a all in one survival tool that is light, compact and indestructible!

The Multifunctional Walking Stick - MK II


The stick seems to be constructed from quality material. Needs a softer tip also, for walking inside. For the price I think the fishing rod should be included. I'm otherwise very pleased with the product.

T-Shape Handle
Michael Iby

Different end pieces for handle attachment would be an improvement. I didn’t see anything on the website.

Trekking Pole Bottom
Steven Plice
anti-slip device.

Nice addition for more In City environment.

Awesome walking stick

Love this stick it will help me no matter what I have to do in and out of woods

High Quality Durable Survival Staff

I was highly impressed by how well made the survival staff was. The metal is molded to give extra strength. I saw a bear out walking recently and had nothing to persuade it to go elsewhere. Now I do! This staff while only two pounds of swung could be quite formidable. I hope more attachments are made for this. Well done Team!

Great Hiking Tool

Nice and study, haven't hiked with it yet. Wish instructions came with it. Like it for Durability and useability.

The Multifunctional Walking Stick - MK II

T-Shape Handle
Cynthia Hutsell
Great product!

The T-handle helps when you want the walking stick to be more like a cane.

Awesome Product

We love the quality of the walking stick so much, we ordered more from this company! We think you’ll be satisfied, too!

Add ons

I’ve had mine for a couple years now. With the t handle it’s been a great tool for moving snakes out of the way on my woods walks. Added a couple more sections to get more length since I’m not as agile as I once was. The para cord is nice 👍🏻

Trekking Pole Bottom
Evan Phillips
Great product!

Not only is this product well made, having the ability to customize it to my needs is a game changer.

Thought it would of been longer like for hiking. Maybe there's two sections i could order to gain 18" or so. Really well made though.

Trekking Pole Bottom
Vernon Mulanix
I bought shovel, walking tip and a section with rope

Great product. Very well made.
The way I bought it I have the tools, the walking stick and a great shovel/hoe. I am 5'8" and it is about right for me. If much taller you may want another section.

Awesome idea

I don’t have any regrets. This thing is super cool and seems to be very sturdy and well made. I will probably get a couple more attachments/sections to make it taller because as it stands right now it isn’t tall enough to use as a walking stick.

Should come with all the attachments! Just sayin


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