Lifetime warranty on Mk I products

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VERSATILITY, PORTABILITY and DURABILITY fused together to create the last survival tool you will ever have to buy, GUARANTEED

Part walking stick, part saw, part fishing tool, part scaler, part hammer, part fire starter, and all badass.

Incredibly Durable

T6 alloy is used for the body, which boasts a tensile strength of over 45,000 psi. Among the most durable in it's category.


The same T6 alloy allows your staff to be lightweight while still being durable. They're used in military aircrafts for a good reason.

Fully Customisable

The Mk I system includes a family of extra attachments allowing you to customise your unit to your needs.

Lifetime Warranty

That's right. We have so much confidence in our Mk I product line they all come with a warranty that lasts forever.


Use as a walking stick for easy access while on the trail. Unscrew the connecting tubes to reveal the hidden Rescue Knife, Saw, Harpoon and Sickle. The hollow handle and extension tubes also make great places to store emergency items. Add extra attachments to customise exactly how you'd like.


When not in use, very easy to unscrew and fold up into your emergency and bug out bag. You can also leave it in your vehicle for when you might require it for emergencies.


Made from ultra durable, water and rust resistant heavy duty carbon steel and aircraft grade aluminium alloy, this multitool was built to last as long as you do. Offers many uses from sawing, harpooning, walking, self defence, cutting, and much more.